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Tales for Tots

These books have stories suitable for children in their early years up through middle grade. Although there is little to cause concern for any age in this group, adults should probably read through any story first before giving them to younger children. Should a book be published with an age range, it will be noted.


Tales by the Tree

Tales by the Tree is a Christmas-themed anthology. My story, The Last Snowfall, is a bittersweet story of a young girl trying to deliver a special Christmas gift to her mother - and she's running short on time!


Swords of Darkness

Swords of Darkness is all dragons, all the time! For this anthology, I wrote the The Sword of Hexworthy Manor. My lonely protagonist, Gwendolyn, can imagine almost anything—except what happens when her grandfather presents her with a prized family heirloom—a sword! Note: While my story is suitable for all ages, some other stories in this anthology would be considered adult in content. Also, the cover has changed since first published.


Tales from the Bully Box

In my story, One Above Zero, it takes a while for Brad to understand Zoe's health problems, but when he does, he not only makes a friend, he stops a bully.

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