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Welcome! These books have stories or poems about about ghosts, dark places, and other scary scenarios! If you only want to see the ones with poems, check out the poetry tab. Either way, enjoy!



This horror anthology from Thirteen O'Clock Press will include my story Closure which concerns a woman coming to terms with a dark period in her life. And she even meets a new friend! Still, things get a bit heated at the end.

I will also have a poem in this anthology called Among the Bones. You might describe it as a romance. I mean, there's dancing and all. And a cemetery.

For a preliminary table of contents, check HERE.

Being formatted for publishing!

Gothic Blue Book VI: A Krampus Carol

This anthology includes my story Christmas Eve where a young woman, forced from her home, makes a journey on a dark night in hopes of finding help for herself and her tiny son. Will a mysterious stranger offering assistance be a godsend — or something much, much worse?

For info on the authors, check HERE.


Lonesome Train

This anthology includes my Southern Gothic short story Momma Knows Best. It's about a girl having a difficult time appreciating her mother's advice. 


Beyond the Shroud

This anthology is all about mummies! In my story, A Matter of Personal Taste, an archaeologist makes a startling discovery with the help of a local man. Coincidence? Set in western Egypt, this story will leave you hungry for more!


Death and Decorations

Death and Decorations is a horror-themed Christmas anthology and a Top Ten Finisher in the 2016 P & E Reader's Poll! My tale, A Home for Christmas, is about a young street waif, Melanie, who sells her homemade Christmas ornaments to help feed her little sister—so she says. But her sister isn't the only one who's hungry!


Dead Men's Tales

My story: Skarett's Treasure. In it, life hasn't gone as Thomas had hoped, but when unforeseen circumstances bring him to the beautiful Maria's door, he thinks his luck has changed. It gets even better when, under Captain Skarett's command, he finds a valuable treasure. The way it all works out, however, is just a little hard to swallow!


In Creeps the Night

Sometimes it's the kids who are wary and parents are the ones who are too trusting. Throw in an evening of trick-or-treating, and it all ends up being a pain for dear, old Dad! To find out how, read my story titled Little Monsters!


Haiku of the Dead

Haiku of the Dead is a collection of zombie-themed haiku by Dreamscape Press. Yes, I have a haiku about zombies in this collection. I'm not sure I want to tell anyone. Unfortunately, this book s not available as an inexpensive e-book, only as a paperback. My contribution is called Hunting Season.


Gothic Blue Book III: The Graveyard Edition

In my classically-styled poem The Ballad of Drunken Jack, a young lady remains true to her word—and Jack gets the short end of the stick!

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