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Fairies and Fantasy

Welcome to the world of make-believe, where strange beings and unlikely worlds meet! The tales here range from dark to humorous, so have fun picking one out!


Tales by the Tree

Tales by the Tree is a Christmas-themed anthology. My story, The Last Snowfall, is a bittersweet story of a young girl trying to deliver a special Christmas gift to her mother - and she's running short on time!


Human 76

My tale in this post-apocalyptic anthology is The Song of Aiden. It tells of Maeve, a young and naïve girl, who arrives from the barren Northlands to live with her cousin, Kendra. She is forced to grow up quickly, however, when a blossoming relationship ends tragically by confronting not only the dark forces of the Alliance, but Human 76 herself!


Swords of Darkness

Swords of Darkness is all dragons, all the time! For this anthology, I wrote the The Sword of Hexworthy Manor. My lonely protagonist, Gwendolyn, can imagine almost anything—except what happens when her grandfather presents her with a prized family heirloom—a sword! Note: While my story is suitable for all ages, some other stories in this anthology would be considered adult in content. Also, the cover has changed since first published.


Grimm & Grimmer: Volume III

This is an anthology of "revised" fairy tales! Mine is The Fisherman and His Wife. Here, Ralph and Wanda don't have the best life together, but they've learned to make do. When Ralph catches a magic fish, however, Wanda's greed has her barking up the wrong tree!

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